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Big Brother USA News
BB News & Rumors Posts
Oct 22[] Celebrity Big Brothers Spoilers: Who Will Be in the Cast? - branana
Oct 14[Brinkwire] Tiffany Mitchell believes the Cookout Men only embraced her because of her AFP win on ‘Big Brother.’ - WillRulz
Oct 14[UsWeekly] Big Brother 23’s Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss Are Dating: ‘We Really Connected in the Jury House’ - M3gabyt3
Oct 12[Heavy] ‘Big Brother 23:’ Whitney Asks Claire to Help Clear Up Rumors - WillRulz
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BB Media Posts
Oct 22[RLNC:] 1on1 With Shay - Xavier & Big D Interviews - moeopoly
Oct 12Girl LATD podcast interviews DX - Not_so_annoyed
Oct 12Girl LATD postcast interviews Kyland. - Not_so_annoyed
Oct 12Girl LATD podcast with Tiffany - Not_so_annoyed
Oct 12Taran's deep dive, in-person Tiffany interview! - HES
Oct 10I didn't know Kalia was involved in production, she just landed an awesome gig, good for her! - VetoBeast
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BB Highlights Posts
Sep 29Xavier is the winner of Big Brother 23 by a vote of 9-0. Tiffany won AFH (NT) - binkie94
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BB Alumni Posts
Oct 20Jodi from Big Brother 14 opens up about adoption. <3 - nicksoboojie
Oct 18Tweet from Alex about casting Winston. >>> - Corndogger
Oct 18Angela: "A little disclaimer… Tyler and I are not trying to start a family anytime soon… and gentlemen you can keep swiping on through. ..." She looks so beautiful in this photo. >>> - Corndogger
Oct 17Cody doing the Gangnam Style dance with Maverick is too cute! He loves his girls! - jammin_jen
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Joker's Chat
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
8:00 PM PT(TV) And that's a wrap from all of us to all of you, thanks for reading the live updates. See you all back in February 2022 for Celebrity Big Brother. -NoleJP
8:00 PM PT(TV) Show closes. -NoleJP
7:59 PM PT(TV) Julie confirms before the show closes that Celebrity Big Brother will premier in February 2022. -NoleJP
7:57 PM PT(TV) Julie turns the card and Tiffany is AFP. -NoleJP
7:57 PM PT(TV) Julie confirms that the top 2 vote getters were DX and Tiffany. -NoleJP
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BB Canada discussion forum...

September 28, 7:45PM (Cam 3/4) Tuesday
Big D pitches to Azah
September 28, 11:05:00 to 11:53:15 AM (Cam 1/2) Tuesday
Azah/ Big D convo about Azah's decision to take X instead of Big D.
September 28, 10:14:55 to 10:43:30 AM (Cam 1/2) Tuesday
Xavier & Azah end game conversation.
September 27, 10:54:10 to 11:18:10 AM (Cam 1/2/3/4) Monday
Azah unloads about her discussion with Big D to Xavier.
September 27, 10:35:40 to 10:39:30 AM (Cam 1/2) Monday
Big D unloads to Xavier about Azah.
September 27, 10:17:30 to 10:30:30 AM (Cam 3/4) Monday
Big D & Azah have a spirited discussion.
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