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3:10 AM PTAround 11pm in picture RM the boys (Cody/Tyler/Enzo) were talking and Tyler told Cody that yesterday Dani said Cody wanted Kevin out. When Tyler left the rm Cody told Enzo he wanted to ask Dani about that and Enzo said not to because it'll mess Tyler up. -ReaRea
3:06 AM PTJust before midnight Dani/Nic/Cody went up to HN rm where Xmas was 'presumably' sleeping. They wanted to see her sit up in bed in her sleep when Cody walked in. But when they walked in she jumped up and yelled "Roar" at them and scared them. LOL! -ReaRea
1:03 AM PTAll Hg on camera asleep. One camera on the ducks -silverspoons
1:00 AM PTChristmas says to Cody lets go to sleep. Good night big brother. -silverspoons
12:59 AM PTDay and Dani say time to go to bed. Day heads to bed, Dani to the bathroom -silverspoons
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September 21, 8:53PM (Cam 3) Monday
Fire in the BB Kitchen....
September 21, 2:11:00 to 2:12:40 PM (Cam 1/2) Monday
Nicole confirms (lies) to Day that she voted out Tyler...
September 20, 2:21:45 to 2:23:46 PM (Cam 1/2) Sunday
Chair collapses as Tyler sits down
September 18, 11:41:21PM (Quad Cam) Friday
House starts to shake! HG say earthquake, get in the doorway
September 18, 7:51:46sec PM (Cam 1/2 ) Friday
David upset in the room saying how Day referenced him as being Uncle Tom
September 18, 10:33:15AM (Cam 3) Friday
Kevin mentions David mentioning Uncle Tom narrative, Da'Vonne says "Because you are".
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