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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
7:06 PM PT(TV) Julie closes the Big Brother 25 Finale show. The House Guests and family members celebrate. -Scott3325
7:04 PM PT(TV) Julie announces Big Brother - Reindeer Games. -Scott3325
7:02 PM PT(TV) Julie announces Cameron as America's Favorite House Guest. -Scott3325
7:01 PM PT(TV) Show closes. As always, from all of us who write the updates to all of you who read them, thanks for being apart of the update feeds. We will see ya back December 11! -ATC
6:59 PM PT(TV) Julie confirms "Big Brother - Reindeer Games" with new rules and Big Brother legends returning for a 6-episode event. She said one of the BB25 cast will also be invited back to compete. December 11th premier at 8pm ET. -ATC
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