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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
1:37 PM PT1:35PM Holly/Jackson quiet on couch, while Nicole is packing clothes into her bag in the RV. -M3gabyt3
1:34 PM PT1:23PM Nicole has fashioned together some sunflowers, and brought them to cheer Jackson up, because she believes in the power of sunflowers and sun. Holly and Jackson react with aaaaaws. They share a group final 3 hug. -M3gabyt3
1:31 PM PTFeeds came back on at 1:20PM with Nicole in RV, and Holly/Jackson together on couch. -M3gabyt3
1:28 PM PTWhen feeds were back on earlier 12:48ish Holly and Nicole were talking about videos they got from home, guessing when they recorded them. Jackson was in DR. Jackson came out, Holly went to DR. Jackson began crying 12:57, Nicole asked if he wanted a hug.
Jackson says he just wished he hadn't seen that video.
At that moment, feeds went to fish, then back to adorable animals soon after. -M3gabyt3
1:15 PM PTAdorable Adoptable Animals for 16 minutes so far. Now featuring felines: Cute Kittens! -BBTalking
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