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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
1:08 AM PTAlyssa and Chrsitian stop snuggling and get comfortable on separate sides of the bed, facing away from each other. -silverspoons
12:56 AM PTAll Hg on camera in bed with lights out. Alyssa is sleeping in the HOH tonight with Christian. -silverspoons
12:50 AM PTFeeds back in the HOH room (off for about 20 minutes) and Alyssa lying on Chrsitian's shoulder stroking his chest -silverspoons
12:48 AM PTAzah says to Big D, it seems odd for Hannah to go againist us. Big d says if they (Kings) did not win this week, the noms would be different -silverspoons
12:47 AM PTAzah says to Big D we need to get through veto first. Azah goes not want to talk to anyone till after veto ceremony. Big D says he will ask Ky to asks Hannah what she would do with HOH. -silverspoons
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BB News & Rumors Posts
Jul 30All Is Not Aces For One Team - WillRulz
Jul 30Big Brother Live Eviction Show Loses Viewers - WillRulz
Jul 30'Big Brother 23': Brent Champagne on Why He Was Targeted Early and Who Will Be Out Next - v1ntage
Jul 30Brent: ‘I Was Stereotyped As A Competitive Threat’ - WillRulz
Jul 30It Is Good To Be King(S) - WillRulz
Jul 30[EW:] Julie Chen Moonves weighs in on Brent's Big Brother blindside - moeopoly
Jul 30[Parade:] Big Brother 23's Brent Champagne Says Houseguests Were 'Very Receptive' to His Flirting - moeopoly
Jul 29Big Brother Wednesday bounces back in the ratings - WillRulz
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BB Highlights Posts
Jul 30Dolffie's Alliance Map for Week 4, Day 24 - Dolffie
Jul 30Christian nominated Whitney and Hannah for eviction (NT) - binkie94
Jul 30Claire won the Wild Card competition. Players were Claire, Whitney and Azah (NT) - binkie94
Jul 29Christian is the new HOH. The Jokers - Azah, Britini and Derek F are the Have Nots this week (NT) - binkie94
Jul 29Brent was evicted by a vote of 11-0 (NT) - binkie94
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BB HG Info Posts
Jul 29Week 4 - DManDylan
Jul 27Tiffany's business in Michigan. Check out her reviews. - hawaiiannative
Jul 18Taran says people have found Tiffany's twitter. Does anybody have it? NT - FurnitureAlliance
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BB Media Posts
Jul 30[ET Canada:] Brent Champagne Reacts To Unanimous 'Big Brother' Eviction - moeopoly
Jul 30[US Weekly:] Big Brother 23 Star Brent Reacts To Being Betrayed & Hannah’s Goodbye Message - moeopoly
Jul 30Apparently Jessica Milagros (BB21) has been doing Exit Interviews this whole time as well. Here's Frenchie, Travis, & Brent: - moeopoly
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BB Alumni Posts
Jul 30Anyone in Dallas? Cody buried $1,000 in Dallas and will release the treasure map to find it at noon tomorrow! Deets inside! - jammin_jen
Jul 30"‘Big Brother’ Alums Nicole Franzel and Victor Arroyo Reveal 1st Photos of Son Arrow." Link to article inside! - Corndogger
Jul 30Dr.Will getting divorced. Link inside. - jackbitter
Jul 30Am I crazy or wasn't Dr. Will supposed to return as the "neighbor" again this season? Thought I read something... anybody else got info? NT - tv_savage
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BB Canada discussion forum...

July 29, 6:21:30 PM (Cam 1/2) Thursday
House Guests Relate Their Good Bye Messages to Brent & Reminisce About Him
July 28, 8:44:10 to 10:32:00 PM (Cam 1/2/3/4) Wednesday
House Guests Cleaning the BB House. BB at 10:10:30 PM:"House Guests
July 28, 6:49:39 PM (Cam 1) Wednesday
Azah lets Cookout alliance name slip while talking to Hannah. Claims she came up with it and hasn't told anyone the name yet.
July 28, 3:41:40 to 3:48:15 PM (Cam 1/2) Wednesday
"Moving" lessons by the HGs
July 28, 3:17:45 to 3:19:10 AM (Cam 1/2/3/4) Wednesday
Brent jokingly tells Alyssa that she is a gold digger.
July 25, 10:24:00 to 10:53:35 AM (Cam 3/4) Sunday
Big D Works Out (Intermittent Bubbles)
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