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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
8:44 PM PTBB announces: Welcome to the BB Birdwatchers Audio Tour. HGs gather in LR. After a few words from Jackson, FISH. Feeds back, announcement repeated, HGs disperse to discuss, and whispering ensues in the Target BR btw Nick (who's told to put on his mic) & Sis. -BBTalking
8:44 PM PTNicole says there's something not connecting about Christie's potential F5. -HumanFrailty
8:43 PM PTCliff tells Nicole to talk to Christie about voting to keep her. -HumanFrailty
8:40 PM PTFeeds return. Nicole and Cliff in the boat room. Nick and Sis in the target room. -HumanFrailty
8:36 PM PTLiving room monitor announces BB Birdwatching Audio Tour and everyone goes down. We get fish. -HumanFrailty
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