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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
3:07 PM PTJag walks down and says to Cirie and Felicia ,he beat Mecole at chess. Jag comes back and sits with them. Felicia says the sitting around can really get old. Jag does not even want to check time anymore. -silverspoons
3:04 PM PTJag and Mecole playing chess. They finish. Cameron America and Bowie sitting on couch. Cameron talking about movies. -silverspoons
3:01 PM PTBlue and Jared in the comic room in bed. Blue says I’m not going to kiss @ss like others. Jared says I can see America trying to come back up here. Blue says to Jared I can’t wait till you stay. It will be so fun. -silverspoons
2:58 PM PTFelicia and Cirie talking. Felicia says that Cameron will put up Cory and not America. Felicia says Cameron wants America in the jury to himself. Felicia says she hopes Cameron puts up Bowie and Cory. Cirie says Cameron won’t nom Bowie. Felicia says Cameron
Wants America more the us. -silverspoons
2:10 PM PTFelicia, Blue, Jag, Meme, Jared and Matt Studying days in the comic room. -Mego
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