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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
2:40 PM ETQuick Morning overview - Adam spoke with Dane/Anthony outside, and told them he doesn't want Sam going. He tried to explain that he can convince Sam to NOT go after them, and she is more likely to win something and keep them safe than leaving their . .. -NSGirl (Long Post, Read More...)
12:59 AM ETDane, Esty, KiKi & Damien in HOH room huddle and jump up and down in glee chanting BC, BC - MamaK this is for you! -royannb
12:56 AM ETDane tells Sam he will not put her on the block or backdoor her. She suggests that he put Eddie and Kyra up. He says he's got a few options he's considering. -royannb
9:48 PM ETDamien comes into the bathroom and Sam tells him that he killed it. They hug and Damien says at least you don't have to be a have not -NoleJP
9:47 PM ETFeeds back with Sam, Chelsea, Adam & Krya in the bathroom. Sam in tears but laughing. Eveyrone giving her hugs and telling her she did so well. -NoleJP
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