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Big Brother USA News
Posts in BB News & Rumors (MORE)
12/01/19 ‘Big Brother’: Kathryn Dunn and Nick Maccarone Reveal They’re in Love
11/15/19Nicole Anthony: In honor of World Kindness Day, as well as Jack's recent Instagram post asking what we're all thankful for, here it goes BB21 cast...
11/12/19"Celebrity Big Brother canceled? CBS leaves show off winter schedule." Link to story inside.
10/31/19From 'Big Brother' to 'Survivor,' 'Kardashians' and 'Black Mirror': 10 Hits of the Merged Banijay-Endemol
10/30/19'Big Brother' Fans Are Losing It Over Julie Chen’s Cryptic Tweet About the Show
10/22/19 TUNE IN ALERT ~ Don’t miss Jessica Milagros from CBS Big Brother as a guest star on tomorrow’s episode of Bold and Beautiful!
10/01/19Nicole is finally on Twitter @Strongislandni2 NT
9/29/19Big Brother 21: Holly Allen Goes from Wine to a Near Win
9/29/19‘Big Brother 21’s’ Holly wants to ‘have some words’ with ‘hypocrites’ Christie and Tommy
9/29/19Jessica will be on The Bold The Beautiful ~ Oct. 23rd
Posts in BB Media (MORE)
11/30/19Kathryn Dunn: How Well Do Me And Nick Know Each Other?? 1 Wrong Answer = 1 Pie To The Face
11/19/19BB21's Jack and Sis SPLIT + Celebrity Big Brother CANCELED
11/14/19Austin Mattelson aka Luchasaurus makes his AEW national television debut on TNT!
Posts in BB Highlights (MORE)
9/25/19Jackson won BB21 by a vote of 6-3. Nicole won America's Favorite Houseguest NT
9/25/19Jackson won Pt 3 and is the final HOH. He chose to evict Nicole NT
9/21/19Holly won Part 2 of the final HOH NT
Posts in BB Alumni (MORE)
12/04/19Eddie McGee was in this weeks 911 show titled Christmas Spirit and he did a fine job of acting.. Was so great to see him again... NT
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
8:02 PM PT(TV) BB21 has ended. From myself and all the other live feed updaters over the past 99 days, thanks for reading the live feed. See you all back for Big Brother Canada 8! -NoleJP
8:00 PM PT(TV) Julie advises that if anyone wants a chance to play BB next summer, go out and enter their applications -NoleJP
8:00 PM PT(TV) Julie asks Holly and Michie if their romance will continue outside they house. Both say they will take it day by day -NoleJP
8:00 PM PT(TV) Holly said she's feeling great, her family is there which is better than any amount of money -NoleJP
7:59 PM PT(TV) Julie asks Jackson about how he's feeling -- he said he did everything for his mom and dad and he hopes they are proud of him and that everything is good (no smile, no emotion, straight faced) -NoleJP
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