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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
3:52 PM ETPOV picks. Kyra, Mark & Dane. Adam had hg choice & picked Dane. -MyBestBud
12:20 AM ETDane in HN room giving himself a pep talk.
He's telling himself that there's just a few more weeks and he's almost there. Anthony joins him and he stops. -RenegadeGirl
12:11 AM ETEstefania at table studying the globe. -RenegadeGirl
12:09 AM ETKrya in HOH telling Adam to recant his story that he is looking out for Kyra because he promised Sam that he would.
Kyra sighs and says that the is ready to go. The says the doesn't fit in with any of these people. -RenegadeGirl
12:04 AM ETKyra and Anthony play roshambo (rock paper scissors) for who will go to DR to ask for more booze. -RenegadeGirl
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Apr 20 (Premiere) Restaurant: Impossible
May 21 (Finale) The Voice
Apr 22 (Premiere) Live Rescue
May 22 (Premiere) The Amazing Race
Apr 25 (SFinale) Gotham