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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
6:57 PMDerrick to Vic "you are probably the front runner to win if you make it to the final two. Dead truth" Vic "it sucks if you think that, it's not true, and that's why you don't take me"
Derr mentioned Cody was in on convos... probably about the pact to vote Victoria to win if she made F2.
6:45 PMVic tells Derr he was her #1. Derr tells her that she & Cody have been on par. Cody has won comps that have kept them both safe.Derrick has done the same as well.
Derr saying it would be a horrible decision if he won F3 HOH. Vic says "at least you'd be sitting in one of the F2 chairs"
Derr talking about how bad he felt after part 2 of the comp yesterday... that the decision would be horrible for him on finale night.
6:43 PMDerr tells Vic that Frankie told both him and Caleb to take Victoria to F2 before he left.Derr thinks Frankie wanted Vic to win NT
6:42 PMVictoria to Derrick: "Wouldn't you want to be sitting next to someone you know you have a more likely chance of winning against?"Derrick: "I don't think that's the case. I think you have a very good chance of winning it."
6:31 PMVic telling Derrick she acknowledges everything he did for her in the game, that she doesn't even know what game she would have (Long Post, Read More...)
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