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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
7:20 AMJeff highlights -Tigrress
7:08 AMIts fish but screen all black. We do have the music and "we'll be right back" sign. -Tigrress
5:37 AM5:33 AM Natalie/James in TBR Princess Bed. Natalie & James both stir. James gets up & moves to his usual LBR bed. -Scott3325
3:48 AM3:43 AM Victor up in LBR, to WC, wash hands, to a dark KT for water, back to bed in LBR.James/ Natalie/ Michelle convo in TBR ends suddenly as Natalie makes a final point and falls silent. -Scott3325
3:26 AMNatalie is sure she will play veto tomorrow because no one wants her hosting. (She did poorly last time, according to her.) -Dolffie
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