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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
10:26 PMJoel was crouching down by the Pink Room door, eavesdropping on the living room -a1mamacat
8:05 PMCass just did after-dinner dishes and cleaned up in the kitchen. Really. -Singaling
7:28 PMSo the meeting went as followed: J basically told K she was his target next wk, T openly defended C while C swore she would vote T -JSweetness (Long Post, Read More...)
6:26 PMHouseguests are gathering in the living room for Joel's House Meeting! -susanr342
6:26 PMMeeting time! -JSweetness
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Important Dates
May 12 (Finale) Scandal
May 17 (Premiere) Coupled
May 17 (Premiere) Hotel Hell
May 18 (Premiere) Royal Pains
May 19 (Finale) Grey's Anatomy