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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
12:14 AMZach asks Ashleigh to get him a glass of water. When Pilar offers what's left of her water bottle, he claims he needs ice as well.Kevin jokes to Pilar that he's parched and needs water too. Ashleigh gets up to Go down and Get water for the boys, Pilar offers to join her. When they leave, Zach clucks his tongue and says, "love it."

Ashleigh returns and actually holds the Glass up to Zach's mouth to help him drink.
9:37 PMw begins throwing up in the kitchen trash can and P is saying is this really happening. W says she throws up all the time NT
9:36 PMW decides in the kitchen she is going to throw up bcz she ate to much and begins throwing up in the trash can next to everyone NT
9:34 PMnt much happening showering or eating NT
9:22 PMupdate last few hrs. Bruno is campaigning hard for Bo to stay w/Kev in HOH rm. Bru saying Bo nt coming for you or Z
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