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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
5:29 PMWhile Clay and Van are going through game moves in HOH, backyard crew is hating on Clay and Shelli, wanting to align with Vanessa who they see as a "solo" player. -jube
5:04 PMClay talking to Van - says Becky said she wants to make sure that nobody sees that she is close with John. Clay wants to plant seeds that there are other couples besides him and Shelli. -BB6FANATIC
4:56 PMClay and Van in HOH running through the order they want HG to leave, and who is biggest threat -jube
4:51 PMClay to Shelli says he wants to win HOH next week and send out Jackie. -Scott3325
4:55 PM(Reply) Clay is talking to Vanessa (not Shelli) -jube
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