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Joker's Chat - BB19
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
5:55 PMBackyard is open. Most hgs outside. Saying it feels like and looks like rain is coming. -LiZinTeXaS
5:52 PMElena and Christmas in the RBR. El says she has been moody and little things are bothering her.E:Nothing normal about this house. Odd pressures and anxieties then a lull. -LiZinTeXaS
5:49 PMJason and Kevin in bathroom talking about Christmas and how she makes Jason feel -LiZinTeXaS
5:48 PMNow Matt says to Raven you are lying when you say you don't go through Instagrams but Rams just said every girl is that girl -LiZinTeXaS
5:47 PMAlex tells Matt a story in kitchen of how she caught an ex by going through instagrams, Matt says you're that girl&Rams says everygirl is that girl! -LiZinTeXaS
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Big Brother 19
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