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Joker's Big Brother Chat
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
3:04 PM PT2:51 PM Sam/Brett out of HN after their marathon talk. -Scott3325 (Long Post, Read More...)
2:33 PM PTJC joins Brett/Sam in HN. Sam tells JC now that Rockstar is gone, she doesnt really have anyone. Sam tells JC that she would pick JC over Brett anytime. JC says he is glad that she is making that very clear. They all smile. -Tigrress
2:27 PM PTBrett is sure that Fays & Hal R in a showmance they R trying to hide bc he sees Fays coming down from HOH early am. Sam asks is that a cover for Bret/Hal? He says no & if he was in showmance, he would not be happy if his showmance was in bed w/ another guy -Tigrress
2:24 PM PTSam tells Brett she has this F2 thing but its secret. Brett says its crazy, ppl made final 2 deals on Day 3 and its Day 59 and he hasnt made one before. -Tigrress
2:22 PM PTSam & Brett pinky swear that they are together (in the game). He chuckles & says that he will follow Sam around like Rockstar now. Then Brett says he didnt want to bother Sam before so she would get alone time bc everyone else follows her. -Tigrress
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