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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
1:36 AMThe 4th Jeff & Austin "PODCAST" has come to a finish for this morning! This show was held in the living room. NT
1:10 AMPodcast starts with Meg as guesteveryone but Jason and Day are in the living room for the show. Meg says that she is not ok with being "sloppy seconds" last night (kidding about James trying to kiss her)
1:06 AM12:07 or so... Podcast (Jeff & Austin show)starts, Jeff calls it 4th and final show NT
11:57 PMJason says the BB gay guy he hates the most is BB9 Joshua because of what he said to Amanda (telling her to go kill herself like her dad). Steve didn't remember that but said that was so not okay.
11:42 PMDay suggests that James paint Liz's nails and see if it stays on but they think she would wash it off anyway NT
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