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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
2:41 PM ETJesse says this is a woke moment guys, and if you let it happen (feeds cut) -M3gabyt3
2:38 PM ETJesse says everyone's said they're voting him out, so says he's laying out all the info he has to the group in the red room. -M3gabyt3
2:21 PM ETJesse says it sounds like it's made up. Jesse tells Maddy he appreciates her telling him. Maddy says she can't hear all these people BS him anymore. Jesse says he's going to have a couple more wrap up talks with others... -M3gabyt3
2:12 PM ETFeeds switch to Jesse pitching to Johnny in the catacombs. Jesse leaves and Johnny says good pitch not enough see ya waste of my time get out of my crypt. -susanr342
2:04 PM ETMerron says to Hamza - See what you did by making Olivia feel uneasy. Hamza says everything I have done this week is to test the people we are working with and they have fail miserably it just shows. -susanr342
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