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Big Brother USA News
Posts in BB News & Rumors (MORE)
10/16/17New Official Marlena Meet N Greet - Oct 20th in Williamsville, NY
10/16/17THR: 'Big Brother' Celebrity Edition: Everything to Know So Far
10/15/17Paul: All friendship bracelets are back on sale. The ones for charity are in white ink instead of red. Thanks again
10/14/17KCCI News Des Moines: Iowan who stole hearts on 'Big Brother' visits Des Moines
10/14/17Kevin: Ramses is here his plane was delayed 4 hours !! But he's at my house eating cupcakes with my family! 415 am #allthelove #. FAMILY
10/09/1715 min Skype call with Big Brother 19 WINNER Josh Martinez~ 100% to benefit GKTW ~ Current bid: US $161.50
10/09/17Meet JOSH MARTINEZ winner BIG BROTHER October 25th -7p Palm Beach Ice Works
10/09/17Josh: Familia meet me at the Ranch Road house Oct 20th! Free #IKEA Meatball Buffet for the first 100 ticket holders! #teammeatball
Posts in BB Media (MORE)
10/18/17BB19 Marlena is Back (27mins)
10/18/17BB19 Raven & Matt Ignoring Mean Comments On Instagram Live October 15 2017 (15mins)
10/18/17Christmas Abbott | BB19 Interview with ThatChickSyd
10/18/17BB19 Josh Answers Fans Questions On Instagram Live October 17 2017 (19mins)
10/18/17BB19 Christmas Surprise Calls A Fan On Instagram Live October 17 2017 (5mins)
10/17/17Jessica' Bold & Beautiful Cameos from Oct 17
10/16/17Jason Dent on YouNow with Eric ~
10/16/17Elfitnic The Fighter
10/16/17BB19 Jessica Graf's 1st Instagram Live August 11 2017
10/16/17BB18 Derrick Stuck On Runway Instagram Live October 14 2017 (19mins)
Posts in BB Alumni (MORE)
10/14/17Janelle Pierzina ~ Family Photo
10/14/17Natalie Lynn Cunial: Fun times yesterday at the pumpkin patch!
Joker's Chat - BB19
Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
9:34 PMAnd with that, that's a wrap for #BB19. See you all back in a few short months for CELEBRITY BB!! -NoleJP
9:34 PMFB live backyard interviews have ended. -NoleJP
9:32 PMDan Gheesling just texted Dr Will and confirmed he tried out for Big Brother 4 times before he got on. Josh ran around because heknew that was Dan's #. -NoleJP
9:31 PMJosh said his biggest advantage was to keep under cover and not let everyone know how big of a fan he was. he wanted everyoneto think he was in their back pocket, but that everything he did was to expose someone elses game. -NoleJP
9:29 PMWill asked him about how he's going to decompress. He said he has family that keeps him humble -NoleJP
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