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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
12:48 AMHG's appear to be sleeping or falling asleep. Neda is reading her HOH letter in bed in the war room. NT
12:31 AMNeda asks Big Brother if she can go to the bathroom and get ready for bed. Cam changes to the other HG's. NT
12:30 AMNeda still trying to read the HG's lips on the tv in war room. She asks BB to please zoom in. She thanks them after they do. NT
12:27 AMNeda in the war room about 20 minutes ago."I specifically said I would put Adel/Heather up." "Lies obviously I would say that". "If you believe me that is your own fault girl."

She said this while watching Allison/Rachelle/Sabrina.
12:10 AMSabrina telling Allison/Rachelle that its weird that they heard Neda in that secret room. NT
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