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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
11:00 PMChristmas to DR, Paul asks if they changed her meds, she said no. Is going to get half a pill. -silverspoons
10:54 PMPaul, I want to kill my parents for life insurance money. HG, you have been reported now. Kevin says he will take Paul 4 a ride -silverspoons
10:53 PMKevin didn't have a shower growing up. Slept in kitchen when it was cold. But times were happy. -silverspoons
10:50 PMChristmas asks where Matt is, Paul thinks showering. Kevin says that only 4 times today. Wonders how much Matt showers at home. -silverspoons
10:43 PMRaven is finally called to the DR. She heads out bantering with Matt on her way out. -HumanFrailty
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