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Big Brother Updates (REFRESH)
10:22 AM ETAs it stands right now Paras & Will want to keep Kaela and they dont plan on telling Johnny -Dani
5:39 PM ETLiv and Ali folding their laundry in the red room. Liv laughs because she thinks she's worn Ali's underwear by accident. They both laugh. -Shoreline74
5:02 PM ETAccording to Paras, Johnny has been telling Will things that has made Will question whether Maddy is on his side or not. Paras: "If it's you, me and Johnny up there (on TE), Will chooses Johnny to stay." -Shoreline74
4:59 PM ETMaddy: "Who do you want to evict?" Paras: "I think right now, I'm leaning towards evicting Kaela. And you know why? Because I feel like they're going to **** us and it's going to bite us in the ***." -Shoreline74
4:56 PM ETParas in the red room with Maddy. Paras is questioning Maddy's loyalty and reminding her that she's stuck her neck out for her to not be on the block. Maddy confirming that she is on Paras' side, not to listen to other people. -Shoreline74
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